Who Leaves A Review?

View of Jake's Peak from our room

I just got back from beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Before I even got home I was bombarded with emails asking me to review their service (VRBO, lodging management, rental car company and the airline).   It made me wonder, who leaves reviews?  Who reads reviews?  Do reviews  impact peoples booking decisions?  Is it worth the time?

I'm pretty good about reviewing lodging. I gave VRBO my review but not the management company.  I do all my booking via VRBO or AirBnB and never directly with a management company so didn't review them.  

When I review lodging, I comment on things I'd want to know.  I struggle leaving negative reviews about small maintenance items;  light bulbs out, ice machine broke, fireplace not working, etc. I give that information directly to the management company.  Those are things that should be easily fixed.  Leaving that in a review, feels like complaining. 

I usually note items that can't be fixed (easily), amenities, convenience to things like local shopping and shuttles, and condition of furniture and appliances and communication with the company.

I'm curious... do you leave reviews?  Do you use reviews before you book or buy?  What do you look for in a review? How much grace do you give? 

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