Ski Run or Avalanche Path?

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Look at the east side of Peak One and there's a large white strip down the front.  At first glance it looks like a ski run or a clearing for power lines.  With a closer look, it wasn't either.  It looked too perfectly cleared to be natural, but I was wrong.

I was looking for the name of mountain ranges and peaks in the area and came across a 2019 article from  the Summit Daily.  The clearing is an avalanche path.  Locals have named the  path "Silent Bob" as a nod to the movie "Clerks".  This new path is next to the "J Chute" on Mount Victoria (to the right of Peak One).  Silent Bob... Jay... I guess you have to know the Clerks movie to get it. 

I tried to find a picture of Peak One before the avalanche and could only find one off Reddit.  If you find a good one I'd love to see it.   

Untitled photo

The 2018-2019 Avalanche season is considered one of the most famous disasters in Colorado history.  Silent Bob is a significant visible memorial.  

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